Jeff Pearce – Vestiges

Jeff Pearce - Vestiges

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Jeff Pearce – Vestiges
CD, Private Release, 1998

“Vestiges”, the third album of the skilled American ambient musician Jeff Pearce, comes in the typical trademark cover of Hypnos recordings.
Pearce composed and recorded all music at night with his beloved e-guitar, using a whole range of studio magic and reverb techniques to let the outcome sound like pure synthesizer music.

The cd contains a beautiful array of warm, fluid and slowly unfolding textural ambient/space music, which this time sounds a bit darker and more dense compared to his previous work.
The album concludes with the 24-minute tour-de-force “Eastland Nightfall”, a great glider bringing things to a beautiful ending.

Let there be no doubt, the smooth sounding “Vestiges” is a must-have for any space music fan.


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