Jim Pietkivitch – Inner Worlds

Jim Pietkivitch - Inner Worlds

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Jim Pietkivitch – Inner Worlds
CD, Electrofine Music, 2004

Before I started listening to this cd, Jim let me know this new music has an “Inner” theme to it. In addition he explained it may not be as electronic or space sounding as the former one “Spiral Journey”, but the overall feel should be more consistent.

The first track “Lost Time” is a fine one, offering warm, encompassing sounds with a strong emotional feel. Nice flute complements the delightful second track before a certain tribal atmosphere like Ron Boots’ album “Ghost of a Mist” enters the stage in “Flying Crow”.
“Desert Journey” shows traces of his former symphonic cd, and I have to admit this music has a distinct, positive feel throughout.
From the middle of the album, things dwell into more sweet, some new-age undercurrents.
“Peaceful Valley” contains some beautiful wordless singing, and things stay very accessible.
The closing title-track returns to the character of the first five tracks.

To me the first half of this flawless produced cd is the strongest, but in all, it offers 60 minutes of pleasant music which will appeal to many.

Website: www.electrofine.com


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