Johan Agebjörn – Music with Less Electricity

Johan Agebjörn - Music with Less Electricity

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Johan Agebjörn – Music with Less Electricity
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Husmus Media, 2006/2012

“Music With Less Electricity” is an album with piano music by Gothenburg-based Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn, influenced by Satie, Debussy, Swedish folk music, ambient and jazz.

Mr Agebjörn composed them during a hard period in his personal life (starting around 2003) when Johan was suffering from oversensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. In his escape from all kinds of electronic devices he escaped to a house on the Swedish countryside and found a companion in the piano. While triggering his creativity, the instrument served more as some kind of therapy while brightening up his days spent in mostly depressed isolation.
Although the outcome was originally never meant to be recorded or performed, he was persuaded to release some of it years later, so he did a privately released run of 50 cd-r’s.
Now, after having polished some of the original recordings and adding background strings etc. to some tracks (making it “less electric” rather than completely acoustic), the music is made available to a wider audience, as many people kept asking about it. The compositions themselves are powerful and emotional, as Johan makes the piano “sing”, especially on the heart-warm and joyful “Less Electricity”.

In addition, one can clearly hear the lovely crackles of the sparkling fire (to keep things comfortable in the cottage) on the background on several occasions, emphasizing the overall intimate atmosphere in which the music was originally created. I’m glad Johan made the decision to release this music of hope and comfort after all.

“Music With Less Electricity” is available as digital download through e.g. iTunes and Amazon.


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