John Flomer – Night in the Vapor Jungle

John Flomer - Night in the Vapor Jungle

Release data:

John Flomer – Night in the Vapor Jungle
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1999

“Night in the Vapor Jungle” is the second release of visionary artist and sound designer John Flomer, that again is marketed as an album filled with fantastic and dreamy, almost romantic flavoured electronic music.

The red line on the 50-minute album are lush new-age piano chords to which John adds a mixture of symphonic, dynamic and spacious textures. The outcome turns out attractive and evocative on the first piece “Ori’ Arian”, but as the album progresses it becomes clear the composer isn’t always able to keep up that quality standard in most of the following tracks. Despite the gentle tone and approach, the structure of the music occasionally seems a bit chaotic, lacking a clear direction to head into.

This all makes the ten themes turn out less impressive and emotive for me than I had wished. While carrying clear influences of Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani and Stephen Halpern, Flomer’s own output should be more expressive to really justify his self-defined classification of a “fantastic realm where things don’t have to make sense to make magic”….



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