Józef Skrzek & Przemysław Rudź – The Stratomusica Suite

Józef Skrzek & Przemysław Rudź - The Stratomusica Suite

Release data:

Józef Skrzek & Przemysław Rudź – The Stratomusica Suite
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Generator.pl, 2014

This concept album between progrock musician Józef Skrzek and Mr Rudź contains the music especially composed for The Balloon Mission to the Edge of Outer Space.

Although the cd-cover lists six different parts, the 56-minute outcome is presented in one go without track indexes. After an experimental “Prologue”, more serene textures fade in, counterpointed by harsher, more prominent sounds (which seem rather pointless). Around the 13-minute mark, the progressive-oriented electronics are slowly set in motion as a sequence and drums set in and melodic solo voices emerge. I can’t say it evokes a harmonious or consistent feel throughout.

An atmospheric interlude sets in at 24 minutes, but won’t get appealing as it continues in the following 10 minutes. There’s an outburst of prog/rock at the 34-minute mark, with powerful drums, vast soundscapes and a heavily tweaked, distorted solo voice kicking in. The cohesion of all these ingredients lacks though. Toward the end, simple drums and moody pads show up, along some key-licks without much meaning still flying by.

“The Stratomusica Suite” turns out superficial and unfocussed, in which too much bland improvisation is going on.



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