Juta Takahashi – Angel

Juta Takahashi - Angel

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Juta Takahashi – Angel
CD, Lunisolar Records, 2012

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Japanese composer brings us his ninth album “Angel”. The recording is a 65-minute soundscape journey spread out over four lengthy tracks that once again moves through immersive, contemplative sonic territory.

Here, things are at ease and in balance, with slow morphing and smoothly cascading textures. The elements float and drift on all four pieces as they easily spread their calming perfume to emotional effect.
A special note goes out to the velvet voice patches that Juta has incorporated in “Fairy’s Blues”, which makes the outcome rise up to celestial realms. On the 16-minute title track, a more pronounced and building set of minimal soundscapes is presented.

Despite its strong new-age undercurrent, I think the overall relaxing “Angel” surpasses Juta’s previous releases, that were already well-done albums.

Website: www.jutatakahashi.com

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