Kerry Leimer – The Useless Lesson

Kerry Leimer - The Useless Lesson

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Kerry Leimer – The Useless Lesson
CD, Palace of Lights, 2007

Mr Leimer explains this cd is comprised of constructed and deconstructed pieces juxtaposed to disclose the contrasts and commonality of organizing and recognizing sound into music.
Well, I don’t have the slightest clue what he means by that, but the result is a remarkable form of precision ambient music which tickles the ears and mind.

Listening to the almost mathematically and very carefully composed music on “The Useless Lesson” feels like entering a strange world of minimalism, where warm string sounds blend with neo-classical ambient textures and soundscapes with an experimental edge.

There’s a sense of honesty and directness reflected by this peculiar music which stands out best on the first three tracks.
The hypnotizing, dreamy sound sculptures with occasional environmental sounds glow softer and harder all the way, although I’m not a fan of the harsh abstract additions on “Anosognosia” (co-composed with Dwight Ashley), nor the experimental angles and quirky things turning up elsewhere.

This makes “The Useless Lesson” a 65 minute adventurous recording only suitable for experienced ambient ears.


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