Kevin Rees – Pools of Instability

Kevin Rees - Pools of Instability

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Kevin Rees – Pools of Instability
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

Kevin Rees hails from Hampshire, England, but now lives in Osaka, Japan.
This album was composed almost entirely on a Korg Trinity with only occasional use of classic and acoustic guitar.

The recording stands quite on its own, although a typical Japanese flavour is apparent in the first 3 tracks, due to the used sounds for flute and sequence.
The quite dreamy track “Time-Peace” carries some elements of Vangelis’ album “China” and early work of Kitaro, especially the xylophone-loops and light percussion, although I think the flutes are overdone in the second and third part.
The next track “He flew till hidden by clouds”, is better, and realms in symphonic, Constance Demby kindred territory. Flute-sounds also take a central position, so keep that in mind.
“Plangent” features some Steve Hackett-like acoustic guitar next to light textures.

Personally this kind of music didn’t affect me much, but when the former description has aroused your interest, best check out some soundbites of the album on Kevin’s site.



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