Klangwelt – Weltweit

Klangwelt - Weltweit

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Klangwelt – Weltweit
CD, Spheric Music, 2002

Weltweit” is the debut cd of the near Hamburg residing German musician Gerald Arend a.k.a. Klangwelt, who puts forward a both intriguing as attractive album.

The album offers 77 minutes of commercially infused electronic music without getting annoying in any way or sounding too straight-forward. No, Gerald leads us with steady hand through a vast ranch of melodies, rhythms and sequencers which bundle in a style of music which holds the middle somewhere between TD, T-Bass UK, Jarre and the modern music of Robert Schroeder, but never predictable.

His upbeat, melodic music offers breezy synthesizer layers which find its highlight for me in the second part of the 18-minute closing track “Different Colours”. At the 7-minute mark, the music accelerates with fantastic fierce sequencers & rhythms, accompanied by effective melodic textures. Great stuff!

Production and sound quality are both top-notch, so I’m already looking forward to the follow-up of this splendid disc, of which sure it will please a lot of listeners of nowadays Em.

Website: www.klangwelt.info


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