Klaus Schulze – Are you Sequenced?

Klaus Schulze - Are you Sequenced?

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Klaus Schulze – Are you Sequenced?
CD, Revisited Records, 1996/2006

This is the re-release of the double-cd recording that originally came out in 1996, but without the various non-Schulze remixes on the second cd.

“Are you Sequenced?” is a highly rhythmic and dynamic affair, which happens to be Schulze’s response to techno-dance music at that time. The almost 80-minute continuous music is a mix of the concert tapes made during a performance in Derby in April 1996 featuring a driving force of consistent beats and effects.

After the very nice beat less opener “Welcome to the Moog Brothers”, Klaus shifts gear and gives his best on the Mini-Moog as the heavily sequencer-driven compositions with occasional repetitive patterns keep pushing forward. No massive (voice) sampling as Klaus used to use quite a lot at the start of the ’90’s, but loads of constant “boom-tss-boom” beat patterns instead. During the high-energy effort, echoes and effects of Klaus’ older cosmic music fly by, reaching a peak on “Moogie Baby Goes Solo”. “No Fret-No Bass” is the only take not up my alley, as it contains quite some annoying (fretless) bass improv.

The mixes on the original second disc are replaced by one long track from 1993: “Vat was dat?”. Unfortunately, here is lots of opera/voice sampling going in the again fast-paced but also chaotic and restless composition, lasting for 77 minutes. This is understandable if one knows this piece was originally designed as a sequel to the Schulze’s tracks “Opera Trance” and “Borrowed Time”, but the constant switching in tempo and sequencing is too much for me as are the many awful voice samples.

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