Konrad Kucz – Vita Contemplativa – Litania –

Konrad Kucz - Vita Contemplativa - Litania -

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Konrad Kucz – Vita Contemplativa – Litania –
CD, Generator.pl, 2008

This is the first release of the Polish Generator-label, and as the title already suggests, it’s a nice contemplative affair into symphonic ambient music.
I got the impression “Litania” is part of a series of albums of Mr Kucz, as I found at least one other album under the “Vita Contemplativa”-moniker on his website.

The highly atmospheric music of “Litania”, which comes in ten parts plus an intro and a finale, is of a free form, gliding and overall relaxing nature. It’s a softly vibrating and pulsating textural tapestry with subtle sequencing patterns, occasional organ passages and Gregorian-kindred prayers, all spreading out its wings like sonic perfume.

Some parts, like the second half of “part III” roam in heavenly spheres as the choirs fade in, while there are orchestral parts in “part VI”, soon followed by the sedate, soft waves of soundscapes in the next part.

This all make this a rather peculiar but rewarding 55-minute ambient recording which demands active listening.

Website: www.kucz.net


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