Laurel – Laurel

Laurel - Laurel

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Laurel – Laurel
CD, Ajna Music, 2003

I personally feel the most interesting thing about this release, which comes as an attractive tri-fold digipack with nice cover-footage, is that it fulfils several plans that Garrett Parks of the US-label Cursor Club had in mind for the future, but wasn’t able to realize.

The “Laurel” album contains basically the two great CC:Dome Ep’s “Dome” and “DreamFurious” along with some new material in remixed and remastered format, which is in fact the full length disc Cursor Club had been thinking of.

The Ajna-label on the other hand (with more power, a larger budget and a widely spread thorough distribution), dreamt of putting out a “cool, electronic” release next to their Chant/Yoga recordings, so the Laurel-concept was born. It really fits in a chill-out concept, featuring mellow electronic music with minimal rhythms and structures.



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