Loveliescrushing – Ghost Colored Halo

Loveliescrushing - Ghost Colored Halo

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Loveliescrushing – Ghost Colored Halo
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2013

Loveliescrushing is the duo of Scott Cortez (ambient guitar, loops, treatments) and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra (vocals), who established the project in 1991.

The guitar-generated, heavily modulated drone textures on their tenth album “Ghost Colored Halo” features thick layers of reverb and tape hiss, ending up in a massive, dense sound burst with repetitive passages. All tracks were done live in one go, with no overdubs, straight to analog tape, with both the guitars and voices manipulated to abstraction by pedals during the recording proces.

The downside for me though lies in the fact the shoegaze outcome on “Ghost Colored Halo” is a melting pot of distorted, chaotic sounding waves and a massively blurred sound design in which the ethereal element along Melissa’s angelic vocals only seldom get a chance to shine. Of all tracks, only the last piece “Blacklight Thundering Halo” has a certain kind of hypnotic, harmonic feel.

All in all, I can only recommend “Ghost Colored Halo” if you like polychromic drones, glitchy echoed loops and profoundly muted sound designs derived from an array of vintage stompboxes.



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