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Maitreya - .74

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Maitreya – .74
CD, Council of Nine, 2004

Simon Lomax aka Maitreya has already impressed me with his former albums “From the Mothership” and “Telluric Waves”, and it was also great to meet him and art designer Kama Glover in person at E-Live 2004.

The cd begins with the same opening track as in his performance at E-Live, a beautiful shifting piece with the violin. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of Bernard Xolotl’s beautiful album “Procession”.
Like its predecessors, “.74” (inspired by location and time) is a carefully moulded piece of slowly unfolding atmospheres and emotions, in which the ebb and flow of sound textures feels very natural.

At times it’s hypnotizing and elevating, but also stays earthbound. Experiencing this repetitive ambient music with some occasional pulse sounds, glitch, and effects is difficult to put into words.

It’s like a massage for the mind and it is very relaxing and holistic, as well. It especially works great when using headphones. Both production & mastering of the album are stunning.
So what more can a hardcore ambient fan ask for?


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