Mario Konrad – Spirit Cave

Mario Konrad - Spirit Cave

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Mario Konrad – Spirit Cave
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

Mario Konrad’s second solo album “Spirit Cave” is a tribal-ambient recording that sounds like a light-version of Suspended Memories or a collaborative work by Steve Roach/vidnaObmana.

The 54-minute recording contains six atmospheric, rhythm-spiced pieces with a certain darker veil presenting itself only occasionally taking the listener into a suspended world of ritual, reflection and magic. The rhythms used along the spherical soundscape drones intrigue, a variety of hand-played percussion instruments and the musician’s favorite Bougarabou Drums, all lending a pleasant minimal-immersive feel to the high quality, spacious sounding outcome. Of all pieces I feel the final take “Hidden Path” airs the most hypnotic flavor.



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