Mark Isham – Songs my children taught me

Mark Isham - Songs my children taught me

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Mark Isham – Songs my children taught me
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Windham Hill, 1991

“Songs my children taught me” is an album by trumpeter, synthesist and (soundtrack) composer Mark Isham containing a set of four neo-classical suites, each intended to accompany the reading of a classic children’s story.

The outcome is exceptional mood music with various romantic and pastoral flavours among more dynamic exercises and an occasional jazzy edge. As Mr Isham explains on his website, the music not only helps tell the story for which it was created, but attempts to capture that “sense of wonder” that childhood possesses – that “sense of wonder” and playfulness that seems to be so fundamental to life.

I cannot help but shed a few tears every time I immerse in the pure honesty, warmth and magic happening in the highly cinematic outcome for over 70 minutes, with the themes and sublime suites of “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” and “Thumbelina” as my personal favorite.

Although far from electronic, “Songs my children taught me” is a soundtrack for the mind when one wants to detach from hectic worldly affairs that surround us constantly.


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