Mathias Grassow & Jiří Mazánek – Inner Path

Mathias Grassow & Jiří Mazánek - Inner Path

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Mathias Grassow & Jiří Mazánek – Inner Path
CD, NextEra, 2008

As the press sheet to this meditative album explains, the idea of the music was “combining pure hand played acoustic instruments with modern electronics, samples and nature-sounds. With a spiritual sight behind, “Inner Path” is open for free direction and interpretation nevertheless with a strong focus inside ourselves by considering the existence here on earth as ONE of many journeys back into the inner light. This work is a remembrance…
New age psychobabble to my ears, so let’s turn to the music.

The 24–bit mastered cd contains three very minimal tracks of seven, 50 and 15 minutes each, making up 72 minutes of slow morphing, expanding electronic dronescapes, nature-sounds, singing-bowls, voice, 86-string zither, 8-string kantele, 5-string kantele, guitar, and overtone singing.

Personally I feel there’s not enough happening here to keep my attention this long, but I really like the shift to some great flowing, uplifting textures halfway “Part II”.
I imagine fans of minimal and drone-oriented music will like to dig this one for sure.


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