Matthew Florianz – Los

Mattew Florianz - Los

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Matthew Florianz – Los
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

As Mr Florianz explains in some notes to “Los”, story and abstraction were and always will be reoccurring themes in his music: not in their pure sense, but more complementing each other in the composers sonic quest of investigating new ideas and possibilities.
And while various ambient environment recordings were essential for the creation of the album “Niemandsland”, “Los” doesn’t feature any of these. This offered Matthew the opportunity to help break down the walls and structure while sculpting another sonic experience.

Well, the eight-track/43-minute outcome is intense environmental textural ambient with occasional sustained piano evoking a profound flowing and lush feel. The free form soundscapes build a spacious context while it slowly transforms in altered states, smoothly lingering in worlds of shadow and light. Especially the fifth piece “Ader” appeals to me, due to its gently morphing subterranean soundscaping.

The minimal-ambient architecture of “Los” makes up a world of silent contemplation in which a sense of wonder and introspection shimmers through.
The album is available as free Flac or Mp3 download on the composer’s website.


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