Matthew Florianz – Koude Handen

Matthew Florianz - Koude Handen

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Matthew Florianz – Koude Handen
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

“Koude Handen”, recorded in December and January of 2009/2010, sees Dutch composer Matthew Florianz continue on the sonic path of atmospheric landscape ambient as explored on his album “Maalbeek”.

Mr Florianz once again used his trusted Korg X5d synthesizer, of which he blended the calming, spacious textures with environmental recordings. The environmental soundscape journey presented here is one of calm, wonder and fascination.

Matthew’s well crafted, soft and smooth textural musings with cinematic depth never become the least uninteresting despite its length nor its strong minimal approach and form.

Putting on “Koude Handen” evokes and even deepens the outdoor feel found in his previous releases, again expertly “shifting between a state of illusive imagination and existent images” as sound layer by sound layers is peeled off or built upon another.

Welcome to the beauty and stillness embedded in (imaginary) landscapes, that’s what “Koude Handen” seems all about.
Chapeau, Matthew!

This ambient mind music for the slow lane is available as free high-quality download from Matthew’s website.


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