Mazmoneth – Music by Mirrors

Mazmoneth - Music by Mirrors

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Mazmoneth – Music by Mirrors
CD, DiN, 2011

Mazmoneth is a new name in both the DiN catalogue and in the Em-genre. It’s a project in search of new sonic horizons without borders initiated by Nigel Mullaney and Ray Sherwin.

“Music by Mirrors” is a sonic journey incorporating progressive, inventive, reflective and fresh flavours that keep hold of the listeners attention for the whole 59-minute yard. Mind though there’s a vibrant, adventurous current shimmering through the continuous mix of ten tracks, compositions (not tunes) assembled of live drums, bass, guitars, mandolin, electronics, singing bowls and some treated vocals.

Imagine all this in a spacious, transparent and energetic sound design that tickles and treats the mind from various angles, from the inside out and back. Among my favourites are “Vital Spark”, “Spooks”, the organic, at times even hallucinatory “In Vitro” and the groovy, up-beat “End Game”.

An open mind helps expect the unexpected and sometimes even the weird, psychedelic and slightly uncanny in this detailed and carefully moulded sonic canvas of assorted elements that makes up the fusion electronics of “Music by Mirrors”. This is strange sonic food revealing its own fascinating attraction when you stick to it.



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