Motionfield – The Passage

Motionfield - The Passage

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Motionfield – The Passage
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Ambient composers from Scandinavia such as Yagya, Biosphere, Erik Wollo and Boreal Taiga seem to have a special gift transferring and expressing the mood and feel of the beauty and remoteness of the cold weather conditions found in the those regions into enchanting, imaginary music.

Motionfield, aka Swedish musician Petter Friberg, can be added to the aforementioned as the 60-minute “The Passage” steps right and profound into the world of arctic ambient. It offers a slow morphing, rather minimal-oriented stretch of organic-infused ambiences and drone tapestries on each “part” where some darker-lit corners, melancholic netherworlds along mystic sidetracks pass by as the journey to somewhere in Scandinavia’s northern territory unravels. The first half of the final “part 10” starts out as a sequencer-driven atmospheric outing before environmental and field recordings along treated guitar strings take over painting a psychedelic–ish sonic canvas until the end.



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