Natural Frequencies – Tranquility in Motion

Natural Frequencies - Tranquility in Motion

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Natural Frequencies – Tranquility in Motion
CD, Ozella Music, 2007

Natural Frequencies is an ambient/chill-out project from the late Andreas Leifeld, who sadly passed away on February 1st 2006, only 50 years old.

The music on “Tranquillity in Motion”, the second album under this moniker if I’m correct, is of an overall slow, minimal nature, carefully shaped with synths, guitar, bass, sitar, percussion, piano and sampling.
The seven tracks on the album move forward in repetitive, slowly unfolding patterns, creating a hypnotizing kind of atmosphere with organic undercurrents.

The gliding, textural tracks (like “Dreaming”, “Timeless” or “Zero”) are very nicely rendered, next to “Inside”, which vaguely made me think of David Parsons due to the distinct use of sitar.
Towards the end, the music get overall melancholic as the lovely, mourning sounds of “Zephyr” beautifully show.

This is cinematic, high-quality ambient sonic scenery which seems to seeks its way below the surface of things, transforming the now in a different kind of reality, approaching it as constant flow of elements.
This sure is a memorable piece of ambient art to cherish and listen to over and over again.



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