Nebulæ – The Path of White Clouds

Nebulae - The Path of White Clouds

Release data:

Nebulæ – The Path of White Clouds
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2003/2011

“The Path of White Clouds” is the second release of Nebulae, an Italian/German ambient project lead by Oöphoi, aka Gianluigi Gasparetti. The version reviewed here is a re-release of the album that came out as a limited edition cd-r in 2003.

The albums sonic concept is inspired by the reading of “The Way of the White Clouds”, a Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet by Lama Anagarika Govinda.
It features six highly textural and hypnotizing ambient compositions created with floating synths pads and loops, singing bowls, harmonic chant, bells and shakuhachi. The slow morphing and resonating sound- and drone scapes have a profound minimal character, all settling down in a meditative Zen-state environment.

All in all, “The Path of White Clouds” is a profound meditative dwelling and a descent in a world of silence and reflection.



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