Nemesis – Trajectory of Sound (Live Archive Vol. 3)

Nemesis - Trajectory of Sound (Live Archive Vol. 3)

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Nemesis – Trajectory of Sound (Live Archive Vol. 3)
CD-R, Retroduction, 2007

“Trajectory of Sound” (Live Archive Vol. 3) is the last third and final part of the Nemesis live archive trilogy (focussing on the more recent years when the live sets featured more improvisation than before) by the Finnish trio Hassinen, Kastman, Virtanen. For this album, music was selected performed between 1997 and 2006.

The album has a beautiful introduction by means of “Pauanne D Minor”, starting out silently with nature sounds, to which later on light sequencing and vintage sound textures are added.
The smooth, minimal atmospherics of “Kaiku pt 3” create a nice sense of space and tranquillity, after which the music takes on a dynamic form as bass pulses, up-tempo rhythms and swinging sequencing take over on the 10-minute “Io-Io”. Halfway this Transceive-like music, the sequences and solos are further pushed forward.

The resonating sound of didgeridoo opens the “Hiivala”, soon accompanied by assorted tribal rhythms and jangling e-guitar. It all makes quite a hard track to listen to. Fortunately, smooth and happy sequencing and melodic lines return on “Raggaeniac”, creating an accessible, lively piece of electronics. Windy atmospherics open “Shaman Drums”, winding down in an Asian flavoured textural and elevating ambience with soft beats.

Nemesis excels another time on the 17-minute closing track “Pauanne F Minor”, hailing back in the first piece but now repacked it in a more expressive form, in which the vintage sounds, smooth sequence and rhythm also take a leading role.
Nice going, guys!


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