Odyssey – Music for Subway (Symphony for Analogues)

Odyssey - Music for Subway (Symphony for Analogues)

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Odyssey – Music for Subway (Symphony for Analogues)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Generator.Pl, 2012

The last couple of years have seen a large amount of recordings that are referring to or highly inspired by vintage electronic music and their classics. Odyssey’s double-album “Music for Subway” is another one that can be added to that range of releases. According to the cd-booklet, it’s his first recording fully made with real analogue gear, meant as a personal tribute to the vintage pioneers of the ’70’s.

Besides some tasty subway ambience recordings and samples, Polish media artist and contemporary electronic music producer Tomasz Pauszek (aka Odyssey) has come up with 20 “Stations” of spacious and melodic-oriented instrumentals of which some reveal a very tasty alchemy of sequencer patterns and pads, such as “Station 4”, the jolly “Station 7”, “Station 8” and “Station 9”, all found on the first disc.

The second disc, as could be expected, doesn’t reveal anything new on the horizon, and continues the vintage journey with another ten tracks fitting in the same previous formulae with notable pieces such as “Station 12”, “Station 15” and “Station 16”
Overall, the sound of classic Jarre is most notable on “Music for Subway”, although scattered, overhauled and re-interpreted.

On Odyssey’s Bandcamp-site one can find the download edition of this release along the Deluxe Edition, which contains an extra album of music.

Website: tomaszpauszek.bandcamp.com

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