Odyssey – Syntharsis

Odyssey - Syntharsis

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Odyssey – Syntharsis
CD, Generator.pl, 2001/2009

Odyssey is a project of the Polish electronic media artist and contemporary electronic music producer Tomasz Pauszek, who previously published the track “The Space Inside” on the “Awakenings 2007 vol. 1″ compilation.

The Generator.PL version of „Syntharsis” is actually a special re-edition of Odyssey’s debut album (which appeared in 2001), as it features previously unreleased session outtakes and a bundle of remixes on a bonus cd.

What we got here is fresh sounding collection of compelling and modern electronics, nicely kicking off with the atmospheric dwellings of “Inner Intrusion”, followed by the expansive synth pads of “The Space Inside”, a warm, swirling but powerful ambient breeze with a slight Jarre-flavour.
“Re:incarnation” is next with its free form, captivating and overall airy soundtextures, after which the music on “Neurogenesis” turns a bit more groovy and dynamic form as soft beats and light sequencing enter the sound stage all together creating a moody and light downtempo ambientscape.

“Re:synthesis” takes on a experimental, more abstract but unpleasant form, vaguely reminding of Peter Gabriel’s cinematic work „Birdy”. The same goes for the hypnotizing, slowly morphing “Re:phlexess”, a strong piece found at the end of the album.

Airy, formless and fairly hallucinating atmospheres continue on “S.t.a.r.s” and “Re-versed worlds”, ending up in gracious, uplifting ambient textures on the latter track. “Time and Deep” is quite a weird and inconsistent track after that. The last track is the dynamic, sequenced but not that coherent “Sunlight”.

Now to the second disc, which e.g. holds well-done atmospheric pieces such as “Constellations of Mind”, although the mechanic sequentials of the Terra Eois-version of “Traces of Reality” coming after it didn’t grab me at all. After a moody intro, rather high-tech sequencing and dance beats lead the way on “Structures”.

“Les Structures Logiques” (featuring Polaris) is an upbeat but also more traditional sounding piece with a hint of Jarre. “Innercity” sounds like a neurotic beat-track to me, but luckily the next to mixes of the groovy track “Neurogenesis” after it make up for that in a positive manner.
The other two mixes of the same track don’t do it for me with their high-tech but also rather emotionless impact, which also applies for the two versions of the experimental flavoured “Time and Deep”.

Website: tomaszpauszek.bandcamp.com

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