Pascal Savy – Liminal

Pascal Savy - Liminal

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Pascal Savy – Liminal
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

“Liminal” is a four-track Ep by composer Pascal Savy, made with FM and analog synths, piano, oboe, and an assortment of processed field recordings, offering slow moving minimal and abstract ambient drone movements.

Using loops attached to miniature soundscape forms and no melodic lines, the outcome constantly shifts through a clinical, profoundly sterile sonic environment. It ends up in a profound abstract and overall minimal drone painting with lots of grainy elements, evoking a strong sense of distance, cold and detachment.
On the last two tracks, “Transference” and “Lying Drifting”, things start to float in a hypnotizing, but still uncanny, ghostly manner.

The 20-minute “‘Liminal” is released as digital download along a limited edition cd-r of only 60 copies.


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