Paul Ellis – Listen Silent

Paul Ellis - Listen Silent

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Paul Ellis – Listen Silent
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

The words in the title of this release use the same letters as well as being descriptive of the overall mood the outcome generates. For “Listen Silent”, composer Paul Ellis had the idea to create some music that would generate a very gentle, quiet nature.

The free form outcome, featuring two interlocking ambiences of 36 and 39 minutes, is actually an extension of what materialized on the final piece “Between the Trees, Mount Hood” of the “Moth In Flames” album. This indeed is introspective stuff conceived with slow morphing waves, ethereal mellotron soundscapes and expansive drone textures, together creating a balanced, harmonic tapestry to make one feel at ease.

If you’re stressed and in need for some music to get back in the slow lane, “Listen Silent” is a fine sonic vehicle to achieve that.


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