Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – 9 Memories – Tracks

Philippe Emmanuel Gueble - 9 Memories - Tracks

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Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – 9 Memories – Tracks
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Besides a continuous search for sonorous beauty and a pursuit for silence in music, the outcome of “9 Memories-Tracks” (which contains two tracks with accomplished zither-player Laraaji) also looks for different perspectives and introspection in the ordinary world of life.

Similar to “Fire & Remembrance”, the nine musical miniatures French synthesist Philippe Emmanuel Gueble presents here are an almost tactile affair, an exploration of intimate emotions and immersive-quiet states through Eno-esque yet gentle resonating ambient electronics with an edge. Such is illustrated beautifully on a piece like “Track 3”.

It’s not all about atmospheric textures, as e.g. “La Nuit des Rois” and “No 12 Piano” features some elegant piano accompanying lush swirling and elevating soundscapes, while “Firelight” and the dreamy, enchanting “Movement 2” contains Laraaji’s expert zither playing. On the final tracks “Ocean’s File” and “Himalayan Air”, the sophisticated freeform outcome starts to glide and shimmer while shifting into ethereal form. All in all, “9 Memories-Tracks” will be up your alley when “Fire & Remembrance” was ticking many boxes for you.


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