Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – Fire & Remembrance

Philippe Emmanuel Gueble - Fire & Remembrance

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Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – Fire & Remembrance
CD-R, Oasis/Mirage, 2007

This album is an extended and improved re-release by the Canadian label Oasis/Mirage, composed by the French ambient composer Philippe Emmanuel Gueble.
For a review of the original cd, see elsewhere on this site.

The album, previously released through the Polish Underwater Music label in 1993, now has slightly changed titles and the overall sound and production have been improved thoroughly.

In addition, three great new ambient tracks have been added to the original nine tracks, which makes the music turn even deeper into introspective realms toward the end.

The new (eight) track “Amyudarya” is a haunting piece of meandering ambient textural drones with nice nuances.
The slow morphing, magical soundscapes of “The Wheel of Impermancy” almost resemble the quiet, flowing stuff of David Parsons, before the album comes to an end with the melancholic sounding track “Forever”, which contains some breathtaking introspective, Eno-like piano miniatures.

I’m very happy Mirage decided to give this album with deepening sonic explorations another, well-deserved chance.
Well done, both Mr Gueble and the Mirage-label.


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