Phillip Wilkerson – Amorphous Worlds

Phillip Wilkerson - Amorphous Worlds

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Phillip Wilkerson – Amorphous Worlds
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

I came across American musician Phillip Wilkerson while visiting the cd outlet CD-Baby. Mr Wilkerson is a composer of free form textural ambient, of which his site learned he has more kindred albums under his belt.

The first impression of the music of “Amorphous Worlds” seems to head towards the output of Altus, Liquid Mind or Andrew Lahiff, as the warm soundscapes of the first two tracks go by.
The title track is split in two parts, featuring slow drifting meandering textural soundscapes with a sombre undercurrents.

“Towards Paradise” sounds lighter and more positive to my ears, it even made me think of some old music of the Australian ambient musician Michael Wild.

“Follow” is the very well done closing track of this introspective, free floating album, containing some piano and warm, heavenly textures.

This certainly is an ambient musician to keep in mind!


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