Phobos – An October Evening

Phobos - An October Evening

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Phobos – An October Evening
CD-R/DVD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLO, Private Release, 2015

Since I’ve been following the nicely crafted atmospheric works of Phobos, David Thompson has been offered several opportunities to perform at UK’s Awakenings festival. If I’m not mistaken, “An October Evening” is his third live album recorded at that venue, featuring his full gig of October 17, 2015.

Once again, the slow unfolding and deep ambient outcome has a profound haunting and surreal impact. It paints images of the intense atmospheres found in the remnants of abandoned asylums, old graveyards and industrial estates along gloomy nature scenes. Sorrow, grief, desolation and anxiety set the score on the biggest part of the 44-minute “Awakening”, relentless and without much remorse. Only in the last section of this piece, things morph into a lighter, friendlier and more inviting sphere.

The uplifting ethereal atmosphere continues flowing on “Evening Sky”, which also welcomes a subtle rhythm. This ambient-space trip (accompanied by some great cosmic scenery on the dvd) lines up nicely to classic vidnaObmana. The CDr ends with an 8-minute encore, a slow spiraling moodscape done on the spur of the moment as the artist wasn’t expecting to be asked to do one. All in all, this music is another fine job by David Thompson.

The hardcopy edition (limited to 50 copies) of this all new cinematic material includes a bonus DVDr featuring the backdrop video used at the concert, accompanied by the first two live tracks.


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