Phobos – Approaching Dark Space

Phobos - Approaching Dark Space

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Phobos – Approaching Dark Space
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Those familiar with Phobos well-crafted dark ambient will find out David Thompson stepped a bit further into the darker side on “Approaching Dark Space”. Simultaneously (and contrary to his previous albums) this voyage into the far reaches of outer space and beyond implements a slice of melody creeping in from time to time in the soundscapes.

The slow morphing textural tapestries making up the five separate tracks evoke an overall haunting visual feel with occasional startling sound effects and ghostly undercurrents. Despite the individual tracks, their mesmerizing aural content is strongly related either by feel or reprising some of the sounds of darkness, vastness and beauty used to create the pieces. In addition, the presence of massiveness is imminent on the 22-minute floater “Black Hole Encounter” while the stark “Spaceship Graveyard” rounding things out doesn’t offer any sense of relief.

Overall, the 67-minute “Approaching Dark Space” paints the cosmos as a foreboding place featuring an ambient journey you may not return from.


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