Phobos – Darkness Within

Phobos - Darkness Within

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Phobos – Darkness Within
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, AmbientLive Records, 2009

Fans of lengthy but inspired drone ambient are at the right spot when it comes to the output of synthesist and sound sculpture David Thompson, aka Phobos.

The 76-minute “Darkness Within” taps into the deep end with one continuous track, blending and layering textures in an fashion without the use of any rhythmic elements.
Despite its extensive journey through darker shades and remote landscapes, the cinematic sonic current never fails to fascinate as it keeps evolving and transforming into new shapes and colours. On the last section of the recording, the drifting ambience dissolves nicely into melancholic, soft mourning spaces.
“Darkness Within” is evocative late-night space music that’s best listened with a good pair of headphones.


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