Phobos – Sector Four

Phobos - Sector Four

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Phobos – Sector Four
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Fans of the music of Phobos don’t have to worry about the character and mood of the music contained on his fifth album, as “Sector Four” sees a nice continuation of the vast, intense dronescapes of Mr Thompson’s excellent effort “This Desolate Place” (although it might also be a sequel of that).

The 69-minute free form “Sector Four”, composed with VST’s and one hardware synth, further explores and implements darker visions: mysterious curls and underworldly textural maps are stretched out all over the sonic canvas as they morph on and on. With an eye to quality and detail, the immersive, steady evolving and stark space-ambient soundscapes take the listener into distant lands beyond the imagination, a haunting and deep atmospheric world where the shadows reign and the descent is imminent.

It’s an almost transcendental experience to be wrapped in the building mass of textural drones, especially those showing up after the 40-minute mark. The grand and the majestic meet shortly after that, making things dissolve in the larger scale of things while occasional harsher sound effects fly by. The lush release found near the end puts things into perspective, while bringing things somewhat into balance again. It would have been nice though if the continuous recording had a few index points as reference.

Headphones are a must to grab the full impact, power and potential of the meticulously rendered ambient spaces making up “Sector Four”.
Well accomplished, David!


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