Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – Sleeps with the Fishes

Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook - Sleeps with the Fishes


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Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – Sleeps with the Fishes
CD, 4AD, 1987

“Sleeps With The Fishes” is the excellent outcome of a collaboration between musician Pieter Nooten and ambient, experimental guitarist Michael Brook.

The authentic tracks of this classic album were actually bedroom recordings by Pieter Nooten produced on a simple -at this time out of date-computer.
Those who will take to time to discover the ambient wonders of this masterful album will encounter influences of Brian Eno, but also elements of the starting period of the Dutch underground band Clan of Xymox of which Nooten was keyboardist until 1987.

As said, Nooten wrote all music of the album and also contributed his gloomy voice to it, which sounds rather in vein of David Sylvian.
The 15 minimal sounding ambient tracks are mixed with carefully sculptured infinite guitar and gentle vocal additions, leading the way on 47 beautiful minutes of emotional and evocative soundscapes.

After all these years it’s still a treat to dwell in these slow, deep melancholic and sometimes even beautiful depressing sound collages from time to time.
In all, it’s a sweet, gothic, but also moody and quiet album of fragile vocal and instrumental songs and dreamy soundscapes that shouldn’t be missed by any fan of ambient music.


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