Przemysław Rudź – Pain/tings

Przemysław Rudź - Pain/tings

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Przemysław Rudź – Pain/tings
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Generator.Pl, 2012

A steady flow of releases by Mr Rudź keeps coming from the Polish Generator-label, with “Pain/tings” as his last effort in 2012.

The lengthy outcome is a surreal affair with psychedelic hints, already evoking strange, otherworldly images on the opening track “Hidden Nooks of our Ego”. Some pretty chilly, murky and almost uncanny spheres are wandering around here, nicely expanding on the second piece (though in a more upfront manner). Slight influences of good old Schulze and Jarre shine through on the 74-minute release, but not many significant melodic elements are not to be found here.

The strong “Who goes there?” airs a nice cinematic feel, combining symphonic string and choir pads with a smooth sequencer pattern, with even a short melodic line and vintage pads showing up in the last few minutes of the cold frenzy. The quirky and benevolent atmospheres of the opening track return in different shapes on the final piece “Misanthropic Aliens”. The biggest part of this 16-minute surreal ride doesn’t exactly leave a sense of hope. Luckily, the last five minutes features a combo of fast sequencers and rhythms with a soaring solo voice on top.

All in all, there’s a strange sonic chemistry found on “Pain/tings” that makes it difficult to judge and appreciate.


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