Pyramaxx – Distance

Pyramaxx - Distance

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Pyramaxx – Distance
CD, Private Release, 2015

Well, what a surprise to see this joined project-release of Axel Stupplich and Andreas Morsch (aka Pyramid Peak) accompanied by Max Schiefele (Maxxess). All are known as respected, successful and talented Germany musicians for many years within and outside the EM-genre.

“Distance”, referring to the traveling distance between the composers, sees a continuation of their catchy, accessible “Electronic rock” formulae where Berlin School based electronics meet both energetic and lyric e-guitar. The 12-minute opener “Wide Open Range” already gives a fine proof of the pudding, incorporating varied cinematic spheres as it ventures from gentle into rougher sonic terrain.

Dynamic rhythms, beats and tantalizing sequencer patterns are scattered all over the varied album, with true heart and soul found at the core of each of the seven attractive tracks. The title piece and “Thangka” appear rather quiet cinematic pieces offering plenty of ingredients to please the ear. Occasionally, the output shows hints of the symphonic rock-inspired work of MorPheuzs (“Circle of Enlightment”), while “Runaway” reveals certain dance floor aspirations.

In all, the almost 64-minute “Distance” is a fine and solid effort that no doubt will satisfy many. Nice going, guys!



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