Rainbow Serpent – Live @ Liphook 2007

Rainbow Serpent - Live @ Liphook 2007

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Rainbow Serpent – Live @ Liphook 2007
CD, Manikin Records, 2008

I lost sight of the interesting German band Rainbow Serpent, aka Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp, after Arndt Maschinski’s label Ardema Music (which released their music) discontinued back in 1999.

Fortunately, the band is still live and kicking’, as they were able to re-release quite a number of their back catalogue.
Although their music always held a strong connection to the sound of classic Klaus Schulze and the Berliner School in general, the duo always were able to make their music sparkle in its own way as they were always in search for new sonics of modern electronic instruments.

The 71-minute “Live @ Liphook 2007” shows quite some musical progress. Although the album starts rather experimental with lots of seeking sounds, more structure is added as tribal drums/percussion show up with modern synth pads.

The 12-minute free form “Twelve Celli” shows an overall classic touch at its start with violin and female vocal samples. But they are shortly followed by space music flavours, which remind of Xolotl’s “Procession”, but then tribal drums, more string-textures and sequencing come in.
And then there’s the very nicely rendered “Tangram”, with fx’s, multi-layered Berliner School inspired sequencing and sweeping soloing.

Another highlight is the 19-minute “En Passant”, which sets out as a great spacious outing, to which a beat, delicate sequencing, fx’s and melodic, airy textures are added.
Things slow down with the beautiful tranquil, melancholic sonics of “Memories”.
The last piece on the album is the excellent “Rückblenden” (co-composed and written by Mario Schönwalder), which features great mellotron textures and synth pads over a sequencing pattern, which resembles Schulze’s Moondawn-track “Floating”.

Although the first track on this album is a rather tough nut to crack, I sure recommend this live album.

Website: www.rainbow-serpent.de

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