Red Planet Orchestra – Secrets of Eternity

Red Planet Orchestra - Secrets of Eternity

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Red Planet Orchestra – Secrets of Eternity
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Path of Action Productions, 2013

“Secrets of Eternity” is the follow-up to “Aurora Symphony”, again with Vincent Rees and Pete Smith at the helm, but this time also featuring singer Heather Jones. Fans of free form electronic space music can enjoy themselves once again, as the astral electronic symphony offers gentle and ethereal cosmic music with lush symphonic outings along pure floating journeys, creating an almost meditative state all together.

The recording contains two short pieces (“Cosmos” and “Time Drift”) and two longer sonic excursions. The 31-minute opener “Eyes of an Angel” is an immersive floating space with majestic currents and streams, slowly building a grand, orchestral sonic aura of harmonic textural tapestries. Apparently, the full length version of this track will appear in CD format in the second half of 2013.

The 12-minute drifting “Rapture of the Cosmos” enters angelic/symphonic spaces, and at times made me remind the first two albums by the German Projekt Erde, although it has more dynamic undercurrents and the Welsh spoken word by Heather Jones surfacing halfway lends it a Lord of the Rings-ish realm. The latter also shows up on the deftly, meditative “Cosmos” and the soothing “Time Drift”, where things start winding down smoothly, accompanied by spacy sound effects.

“Secrets of Eternity” is best listened to in a relaxed, comfortable state.


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