Red Planet Orchestra – We Breathe Together

Red Planet Orchestra - We Breathe Together

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Red Planet Orchestra – We Breathe Together
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Path of Action Productions, 2014

Those familiar with the gentle and immersive cosmic music on the albums “Aurora Symphony” and “Secrets of Eternity” by the UK-project Red Planet Orchestra will find a further extension of it on their third release “We Breathe Together”.

The five textural compositions are uplifting, orchestral and spacious, evolving and floating in a kindred manner. Once again, the emotive and warm outcome made me remind the fine cinematic space music of Projekt Erde, despite some slightly darker currents and waves passing by occasionally in the overall ethereal, minimal, non-rhythmic sound design.

The shortest piece (“We are forever”) found in the middle of the album is a sort of interlude, evoking a kind of psychedelic realm. Thereafter, the sonic journey continues with long harmonic synth washes on both the 19-minute“We Dream Together” and 26-minute symphonic outing “Watching Tomorrow”. On the latter, the music rises and falls beautifully, releasing an intrinsic power as its progresses. Immersion and relaxation are the key elements on these two drifting pieces, especially if wearing headphones.

It’s a pity and a bit strange though the first three tracks on the album end abrupt and, secondly, don’t seamlessly connect with the next one.


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