Remotion – Beyond Reality

Remotion - Beyond Reality

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Remotion – Beyond Reality
DIGITAL EP, Private Release, 2013

Back in 2001, the Dutch duo Remotion (aka Richard Stuij and Arjan Steenbergen) released their album “Between Fiction and Reality” on Groove Unlimited, a fine album that still works for me until the present day. Only recently, Remotion decided to bring that album into the digital age.

To celebrate its digital release on Bandcamp, the two composers also worked on some new music that continues in the same style of its full-length predecessor. It all ended up as the 3 track/26+ minute EP “Beyond Reality”, that fans of their earlier output will appreciate without a doubt. Especially the emotional, intrinsic vibe found in Remotion’s atmospheric/sequencer-driven electronics with a rim of futurism feels like a flashback to the start of the year 2K.

In “Sanity Challenge”, I hear slight similarities to the accessible melodic style often encountered in German electronic music bands, while “Quantum Leap” features a reflective, cyclic structure. The short track “Encore” is a non-rhythmic, soft mourning piece putting a very nice emotive ending to this EP.

As such, the whole outcome makes me anxiously looking forward to a possible full-length album. That is, if the two composers find the necessary time and inspiration in the forthcoming years to achieve this next to their busy, demanding day jobs.



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