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The Timeless Mind
CD-R, AD Music, 2010
Geigertek is a project by classically trained synthesist Neil Fellowes, who hails from Norwich, UK. In January 2009, Neil was recruited as member of Code Indigo and live session keyboard player for electronic music project Callisto (as Dave Massey still doesn't want to do "live").

"The Timeless Mind" is Geigertek’s second release, which starts out with the typical English electronics piece "The Stirring of Echoes", which aptly melts atmospheric parts with melodic and rhythmic structures.
Great freeform and emotional spaces enter on the first half of the stunningly beautiful and highly elevating "Passing", which features some gracious, romantic piano playing in the second part. For me, this deeply emotional and almost funeral-like outing is the highlight of the album.

A great set of atmospheric parts unfolds on "What dreams may come", but I find the solo voice showing up in the second half a bit to loud. "Until the end of time" sound better to my ears: an almost classic-oriented spherical outing without rhythms next to some compelling and emotional violin and piano parts.

The 9-minute "In another light" follows things up nicely. Starting out with grand atmospheric realms in the first three minutes, the piece switches into a catchy rhythm/sequencer set and some piano. It’s a pity though things get a bit out of control due to a loud solo voice in the second section, while I prefer a softer one also being played there.

The 13-minute "The Embrace of Eternity", the longest piece on the album, is another winner though with its catchy rhythm/sequencer tandem, accompanied by heavenly choir pads in the first half. Softly roaming celestial spaces show up in the second chapter, toward the end switching to a kind of rhythmic chill-out effort.

The 5-minute title track opens with a short introduction of grand and gentle choir textures, but sadly enough thereafter shifts to a mediocre up-tempo tune with a too pronounced lead voice and bouncing beat. I’m sure though many will love this during a live concert.

The groovy "Spirit Walking" sounds more appealing to the ears, but besides the great pairing of sequencers and rhythms I again encountered these short (screaming for attention?) leads that don’t do justice to the rest of music.
The 3-minute closing track "The Gift of Goodbye" rounds things out nicely with a very nice section of expansive spaces and organ sounds. Strangely enough, the previous is blown to shreds in the final minute with some really dull and dreary electronics, which are in total contradiction to the quality sounds on the rest of the album.

All in all, "The Timeless Mind" shows several faces, of which I like the free form, spacious/symphonic side the best.


© Bert Strolenberg

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