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The Three Towers
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2012
Lamp is a collaboration of Michael Shipway (also known as one half of VoLt) with guitarist/friend Garth Jones. Michael and Garth are actually former work colleagues and after a number of studio and live sessions together, they agreed that the combination of Garth's melodic guitar with Michael’s synthesizer soundscapes would be appreciated within and beyond the EM community.

"The Three Towers (Tales from Bernodine – Volume 1)" comprises three long tracks of 20,17 and 19 minutes, mixing elements of classic electronics with contemporary Em styles. They all rise from the foundation of Michael’s majestic sequences and evocative synth pads. These are then capped by lead lines that switch between synthesizer and guitar, in line of a conversation.

The general recording technique was for Michael to create the key sequences for each track, applying mostly the Sequentix Cirklon sequencer with Virus, Oasys and Voyager synthesizers. Garth would then add guitar refrains and riffs from his beloved Fender Stratocaster guitar in the studio or from the comfort of his own desk, approximately 75 miles away.

In the next stage, Michael incorporated these contributions with his own synthesiser leads and performed further editing to create the final mix of each track. In the end, professional mastering was carried out by Ron Boots to put the icing on the cake and lift the outcome to an even higher plain. Michael recalls the structure of the album suggested the title "The Three Towers" which in turn led to the cd artwork. The music itself then inspired Garth to write a short story to be offered as one possible interpretation.

Despite distinct VoLt-influences occasionally simmering through the various layers and main structure of "The Three Towers", its music carries a lighter and more open feel, with Garth’s tasty guitar licks adding melodic, poignant and lush phrases throughout. I for one though feel the third and final part ("The Tower of Diameter") is also the weakest: it’s a bit too easy-going while not aptly tying the strengths of both musicians together.

And although the album title, cover art and inside map might suggest otherwise, the album’s concept is not based on anything related to Tolkien’s "The Lord of the Rings" or Middle Earth: it relates to the multi-being and scientist Bernodine and is on a universal scale, yet provides an echo from an ancient legend.
The full story that triggered the album’s concept can be read on the Mr Shipway’s MSL-Music website listed below.

The duo will demonstrate their Lamp-style live-on-stage at their Awakenings concert in July 2012.


© Bert Strolenberg

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