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When aliens meet a drop of water
CD, Manikin Records, 2008
Some might remember this musician from the short period he worked with Tangerine Dream back in the late eighties. Ralf, who nowadays works as freelance recording and sound engineer, states the music on this album was inspired by the tracks composed during TD's '88 North America Tour.

In 2006, the album "Blue Dawn" (released under the name Tangerine Dream) saw the light of day, which contained several of Ralf's unreleased tracks, to which Edgar Froese added some guitar next to contributing some of his own pieces.
But according to the statement on his website, Ralf thinks the outcome on that cd wasn't the thing he had in mind.

The concept album "When Aliens meet a drop of Water" contains a 67-minute musical kaleidoscope of his original versions of these tracks, which carries on in TD’s style of the late ‘80s.

Although he sticks closely to that trademark, the featured music holds some thorough symphonic/rock elements, not in the least by some powerful electric guitar (played by a friend) on the second and third track. This electric guitar shows up in more parts later on.
There’s even a bit of melodic sax, played by another friend, accompanying the fine electronics of the fourth track "Endless Blue".

Personally, I find "Into the Thunder" the best piece on the album with its fantastic vibe, up-tempo sequencing, soloing and smashing guitar solo. It’s a pity the next track "Suffering Shark" isn’t that catchy.

"Neptun’s Cave", clocking at almost 11 minutes, starts out moody, but soon gets up-tempo and unfortunately a bit too freaky to my taste in the mid-section.
"Praying for Rain" is a rocking excursion with thunder drums and grand sounding symphonic synth pads.
Near the end, "Sunset Raga" is another strong track with its embracing warm synth pads, simple but very effective.
"Going Home" concludes powerful with fierce, almost screaming electric guitar soloing.

All in all, this excellently produced album is proof Mr Wadephul knows his (musical) ways with his electronic gear. Let’s wait and see if he can come up with another album of the same calibre.


© Bert Strolenberg

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