Revival – The Longest Dream

Revival - The Longest Dream

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Revival – The Longest Dream
CD, Private Release, 2000

“The Longest Dream” is an extraordinary release of the Canadian-based composer Sorin Pavelsco, his secondone until now.
The concept deals with dreams, there impact and the different angles it holds deep within itself.

Through his music Sorin masterfully builds a bridge between contemporary, classic and ambient music in which some vague traces of Vangelis but also Chopin can be heard. Sorin has a lyrical way of playing the piano, with here and there very romantic and intimate touches.

To me,the inventive miniatures presented here are something very special but also not easy when hearing them the first time. This album requests several listenings before it unfolds its real magic and nuances, and from that moment on you’re lost.

So for those who are in for something intriguing and original: this one is for you ! The overall production and sound quality are outstanding.



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