Richard Bone – Experiments ’80-’82

Richard Bone - Experiments '80-'82

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Richard Bone – Experiments ’80-’82
CD, Quirkworks Laboratories, 2007

A while back ambient musician decided to revisit some 25- year old cassette tape recordings (composed with a Mini Moog, Korg MS10 and a Roland SH1) and restore them as best as possible. The material comes from two rare cassette only releases, “Quiz Party” and “Life in Video City” (of which less than 50 copies of the original cassettes ever made) and three tracks, with the collective title “Alternate Music for the Hindenberg Lounge”, from “The American Music Compilation” lp, all of which were available exclusively through Eurock magazine between 1980-82. The outcome is “Experiments ’80-’82”, a collection of ten abstract electronic music pieces inspired by the pioneering electronic works of Morton Subotnik. Opener “Quiz Party Q.3” still sounds accessible and nice, but the tough stuff is soon to follow with hard edged, searching soundings and fx’s, so it’s clear this is no music for the faint-hearted.
As Bones’ website states, this release is available in a very limited edition, so those interested, be quick.


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