Richard Bone – Vesperia

Richard Bone - Vesperia

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Richard Bone – Vesperia
CD, Quirkworks Laboratory Discs, 2006

The concept-album “Vesperia” certainly shows a new direction in the music of ambient composer Richard Bone. The album is a commissioned work made for vesper service at a Holliston church in Massachusetts.

Containing only 40 minutes, it features four tracks with soft, sacred and overall flowing new age music, intended as a soundtrack for the journey inward and the power of thought.
This non-rhythmic music forms as both gracious and ethereal as serene ambiance, suitable for contemplation and reflection, but it’s a bit too new age to my taste.

The cd concludes with a scored reading of a poem, summing up the inspirational tone of the album. Richard Bone also made a few ambient video’s for the album, which can be viewed on his site.


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