Rigel Centaurus – Atlas Coelestis

Rigel Centaurus - Atlas Coelestis

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Rigel Centaurus – Atlas Coelestis

Andrey Hlybov, aka Rigel Centaurus, continues his journey through what seem endless journeys through cosmic space. Strangely enough, the “Atlas Coelestis” is not presented as one continuous ride, but as seven individual tracks floating in deep space territory.

Again, the composer has tried to give the free-form, ethereal music an expansive sound design, but it (still) sounds compressed and not too transparent to my ears. I like the symphonic drone imagery showing up now and then, but the flat current running through each of the pieces prevent the minimal-flavored music to open up, become expressive or shiny.

What is meant to sound grand and stellar now remains one-dimensional, not really imagining wide open cosmic spaces.

Website: uscu.unitedstudios.ru

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