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Roger Eno - Voices

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Roger Eno – Voices
CD, EG Records, 1985

“Voices” is an album containing 40 minutes of moody, intimate and delicate piano miniatures marking the debut by the brother of ambient pioneer Brian Eno. The latter though helped out on atmospheric treatments of the emotive pieces while Daniel Lanois was in charge of the albums production. Daniel and Brian invited Roger earlier for their collaborative project “Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks”.

The dreamy, unhurried and almost meditative character of the 11 piano-driven compositions on “Voices” have a lot in common with that album and the outcome of the Budd-Eno recordings “The Pearl” and “Plateaux of Mirror”: highly cinematic, creating distinct moods and lots of intimate moments.

These are impressionistic ambient paintings, simple and honest, slowly carrying along while revealing many parallels with the classical work of Erik Satie (whom Roger considers a string influence).

I recommend this album if you like to find another chapter of peace and stillness through ambient music.



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